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When money only trickles to what really matters to students in schools, helping them gain a life changing perspective to find personal purpose loses. This is why we created the operating system to self fund what matters.

How we do it?

By creating the most trusted programs that satisfy a companies requirements to grow brand awareness and sales, and a schools need for regular funding to serve students. Sound easy? Not even close.

Programs for Everyone

There are many ways to generate money. But without the simplicity of buying, trying and providing opinions, the process becomes a hassle and the effort dies.

Real-Time Payments

Our schools and students both see and receive funds being generated in real-time within our closed end system. This is what creates trust and grows programs.

The Apps You Need

Our apps are always simple and built for their intended purpose. To generate money for schools and students.

Simple Interaction Experience

You will be amazed by the simple, creative, and reaction based apps that bring schools and brands together.

Welcome to the Cause Operating System.

A Cause Built Community

Built on the EOS Blockchain, the Cause Local Operating Systems core is security, transparency, mobile edge computing, and programs built on interactive API’s.

This Is One Amazing Program

If your a brand manager or business owner, connecting with your target audience is critical for the survival of your brand.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Our app starts with a simple introductory text message and builds from there. Do as little or as much as you want to and let the trust, funding, opportunities and purpose grow.

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A Fantastic Time To Be Alive

To think about others. And what you want to be.

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Whether it’s a watch, the web, or walls of displays, you are connected wherever you go, so you know, you are the difference!

Accessories for your Flux Watch

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Think Time

If it’s not straight between your ears, the rest doesn’t matter.

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Use your Cause Points to see the city, state, country or world. It’s Perspective!

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