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Sampling Products And Valuable Insights

Try It - Your Opinion Matters

Have you ever heard about the MOM Test? It is based on a book about speaking to real customers versus your Mom about product ideas to avoid blind spots and answers based on others motivations. Companies without well constructed research run into false results by failing to be in the environments where people talk, trends are born, and candidness about products and services live.  We and our partner Selling Insights have saved companies on average 20-40% on data and costs associated with the launch of a product or service that was not acceptable to the core target segment or market.

At Cause Local, we utilize our Cause Kiosk and proprietary system to bring students into the mix of testing with full cooperation with schools, clubs, organizations, classes and parents who understand the details of their participation.  If your company or organization has  GenZ,  Y or Millennials  as a segment within your target audience, you have come to the right place. Whether it is sampling,  research or selling  your products within our controlled school environments, we have you covered. Just call us your research and product development department in a box.

50% of every dollar you spend for our programs is allocated to schools and their specific participation level within each  project. We look forward to making your next product introduction a success.     

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