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Product And Experience Research

About The Project

We believe the opinions of students and young people represent the most valuable insight available, reflecting how future products and marketing activity will be reflected in product and service success in the future. There is strong evidence for the cause and effect relationship between message or tactic and results.  We utilize the AAPOR protocol which represents statistically significant research that we provide through both technology based and in-person research.

In accordance with minimum disclosure requirements of the Code of Professional Ethics and Practice, every survey researcher should disclose each of the following elements in any report that is for public release, or be prepared to disclose this information promptly:

  • Name of the survey sponsor
  • Name of the organization that conducted the survey
  • The exact wording of the questions being released
  • A definition of the population under study.  What population is the survey designed to represent?
  • A description of the sampling frame used to represent this population
  • An explanation of how the respondents to the survey were selected
  • The total sample size
  • The method or mode of data collection
  • The dates and location of data collection
  • Estimates of sampling error, if appropriate
  • A description of how the data were weighted (or a statement that they were not weighted), and any estimating procedures used to produce the final results
  • If the survey reports findings based on parts of the sample rather than the total sample, then the size of the subgroups reported should be disclosed

Listen to Respondents

Watch and listen to previous respondents speak about the importance of providing accurate and transparent feedback on products and services.

Opinions Heard