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Post Series: Possibility

There are reasons why the richest in the world (Bezos, Musk, Branson) strive for space exploration.


Is it control of the earth and interplanetary communications?

Is it new energy sources beyond current comprehension?

Is it the control of weapons or cyber-security for our solar system?

Is it the search for a “Maslow Escape Planet” in the event our environment or weapons make  earth uninhabitable?

Is it an insatiable ego to achieve and win personal recognition beyond any marketing or PR comprehension?

Or is it a “use it or lose it” mentality that money will in the not so distant future become devalued by world markets, new FinTech (financial technology) startups, or future blockchain based currencies not tainted by drug and sex trafficking.


Once the man made construct of “Value” or money is no longer the race to win by the uber-wealthy, the TIME we have left to live, and the POSSIBILITY of leaving a lasting Legacy seems paramount. The days are becoming fewer.

Exploring unknown worlds appears to be where the final days of the richest will be spent. Excluding Bill Gates of course, who is focused on the human condition here on earth.


One thing is certain. POSSIBILITY is a drug that never appears to get a lot of attention from drug makers. No revenue of course, unless it is a substance induced euphoria that is sold. But interestingly, the mental type of POSSIBILITY can be controlled, dosed, and sometimes manipulated by marketers, businesses, educational institutions and incubators for their specific needs.

This POSSIBILITY story plays out over and over, like fracking in the natural gas industry. Everyday excitement, cool topic meetings, and educational events like water, are inserted into the ground  to find the “Possible People (PP).” Water seeping and seeking a place where ideas can be extracted, and new products and solutions to complicated problems found.

Unfortunately, when the gas or value has been extracted, the value has already been ingested, mixed, sold, refined, and sometimes even unknowingly given away. Many times before the Possibility Person is able to reap any rewards from the marketplace.


POSSIBILITY in its essence costs nothing, and can be manufactured and grown from within each of us. A future algorithm seems appropriate. For future discussions, let’s refer to this societal metric as the Possibility Index or PI.

If PI is low, and there is little hope of ever achieving dreams, our health and relationships suffer. My hypothesis is that a low PI has a significant inverse correlation with illness and mortality rates.

The poor and rich alike are never satisfied to settle for a mediocre life, with diminishing possibilities, and dreams that are no longer obtainable. The income and opportunity gap between rich and poor can further lower the PI with the perception that their is a limit and scarcity of resources.

Further research is needed to study the correlation between suicide at all ages, domestic and international terrorism, and the geographical specific PI. I was talking to a friend and recent transplant from West Virginia about the incredible difference in mindset between where he grew up and the north metro Atlanta areas (Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, etc.).

When thinking about specific work, even those that pack and sort boxes in a routine that appears numbing, strive for appreciation, self worth, and maybe even in the possibility of taking an employee trip to the moon. Read between the lines. Definitely a perk worth investigating Jeff.

Interestingly, there was a story in the past couple weeks about the meth epidemic among factory workers in China. Workers are using it to overcome the numbness of repetitive factory jobs. The drug supposedly makes everyday boring work seem interesting. I did hear Jesse talk about it on the show Breaking Bad…..which should make me an expert.

Humans are all human, and are all motivated and inspired by the possibility of achievement, significance, and legacy beyond services that by many appear insignificant, and low skilled tasks easily replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.

Tonight I watched a program about astronauts preparing to go to Mars with Sean Penn. No I don’t watch that much TV, but great laptop background with my wife. How the smallness of our planet with life’s everyday problems must disappear like grains of sand with this incredible view of earth. The deep and vast silence, and the enormity of space opening to oblivion.

Is it POSSIBLE? That’s the question.

What do you truly believe?

When we stop BELIEVING it is…

What happens?

POSSIBILITY in us diminishes.

We stop LIVING

Our health deteriorates 

We die on the inside

Then we die on the outside.

If you do REALLY believe it’s POSSIBLE

The WORLD is yours.

No prescription needed.

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