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Welcome To The Cause Management System

Welcome to our home. We are on a mission to change everything when it comes to making a social impact where it matters through fundraising. We are doing this in the places that people go everyday combining physical, digital and mobile creating experiences that both connect and help people with what matters.

As part of our mission, we hold firmly onto the following beliefs:

Connecting with one another is fundamental to life.
If you’re not working on the purpose for your life, you could be happier.
More Money needs to flow to different places to make the biggest impact.
Everyone needs to win in some way. Big dreams or small, they are still dreams.
The combination of Digital and Physical will always create the best experiences

We are one of those companies that you never saw coming because we are truly on a mission to fix the things that are broken, understand at the most simplistic level while respecting the privacy through transparency in everything that we do.